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Company introduction

    CTOP agricultural traceability is based on the block chain technology of agricultural product traceability system, through the integration of farms and own base farms around the country to form a billionaire supply chain, using agricultural products to link mass consumers, at the same time for the vast number of farmers and agricultural bases to provide a marketing platform for agricultural products. CTOP agricultural traceability realizes the point to point sales of consumers and agricultural products, and solves the difficult problem of the production of agricultural products. It is the source of consumer purchase of agricultural products. It is also a good tool for enterprises to display and sell high-quality agricultural products in an all-round way.

Business introduction

    CTOP agricultural cloud platform realizes the sharing of platform resources with the help of specialization, process and scale. It provides services mainly, including product services and data services, such as anti-counterfeit labels, data storage, analysis and data mining, and provides traffic guidance services for enterprises to provide products against counterfeit, logistics, anti cargo and integration. Marketing, mobile mall, customer relationship management, ERP and other integrated solutions, one-stop solution to the problem of product industry chain.

Industrial value

CTOP traceability system for agricultural products
From the raw materials, production, processing, logistics, warehousing to consumers, we use the sensors of the Internet of things to collect and perceive data.
And store, encrypt and forward the distributed account of block chain to ensure the traceability and tampering in the process of data transmission. It can satisfy consumers' right to know and choose their own trusted agricultural products.
Buyers can also be chosen to trust farmers through planting process and big data analysis.

Vision planning

agricultural insurance

The combination of block chain and agricultural insurance can solve the problem that the information provided by the insurance department and the credit institution may be incomplete, inaccurate, and cost high, and greatly simplifies the agricultural insurance process.

Agricultural loan

The advanced algorithm of block chain can record and analyze the credit information of the agricultural operator, and then store the analyzed information in the block chain network. Once the information is registered, it is difficult to be tampered with, and maximize the role of information openness and transparency.

Safe agriculture database

The combination of block chain and large data strengthens the authenticity of data information in the development of farmers, ensures the security and effectiveness of all kinds of data information, and also realizes the non forgery development of data information.

Use the scene

Positive and inverse traceability

Anti-counterfeiting and traceability

Go back to the source of counterfeiting

Information storage

Introduction of digital assets

Free trade in the digital money market

At the beginning of the project, 600 million CTOP coins will be issued and the token will be in line with the ERC20 standard. CTOP uses an additional three tier architecture to store data, intelligent contracts guarantee assets, and block chains ensure fair and safe transaction data.

The value of the product is added to the value of the digital currency

The total amount of CTOP currency is constant, with the increasing popularity of CTOP, the price of CTOP tokens will be raised accordingly, adding additional value to the agricultural products to meet the needs of economic development to the maximum, and has the value of investment.

CTOP tokens can be accepted for agricultural products

CTOP totals can be 100% to accept agricultural products, the total amount of assets agreed in the basic assets, customers each request for physical delivery, the corresponding amount of Token need to be reclaimed, after the completion of the physical delivery, destroy their corresponding Token.

Project core

Radio frequency identification technology

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has the characteristics of long distance reading and high storage capacity. It can accurately receive feedback information, control demand information and optimize the entire supply chain.

One thing and one code technology

One thing and one code technology automatically identifies the commodity code of agricultural products by using smart phones, portable or large radio frequency, sensor equipment and so on. The process of transparent sharing is connected with the ownership of goods and the transfer relationship.

Anti-counterfeiting technology of agricultural products

CTOP agricultural product traceability system provides authoritative information inquiry for anti-counterfeiting information, allowing consumers to see the entire production cycle of agricultural products, and truly can be traced, traceable and accountable.

Agricultural cloud platform

Agricultural intelligence, standardized production service Agricultural cloud platform is designed to help users to build a "from production to sales, from farmland to table" agricultural intelligent information service system for users to bring a brand new experience of wisdom agriculture.

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